Monday, June 30, 2008

Wild Women (W)Rite: 7:30 p.m. July 19th

I'm thrilled to be doing a poetry reading with my dear friends and poetic wonders. Dixie Lubin is someone I've known for seemingly lifetimes, and I've always thought of her as the closest thing I know to a female impersonation of the Boddhisattva via Wild Kansas Woman style. She writes fluidly and with enticingly raw and compelling images, unfolding her remarkable life (both the inner and outer lives) with ease. Nancy Hubble was born to read her strong poetry aloud and to write it also. She has a voice that sounds like equal parts field of peonies, hot dark chocolate, and hand-made quilts with patterns of naked women dancing like chickens. Chantel Guidry comes to us via Louisiana, and the wonders of eating succulent melon in the middle of the night in Harveyville, Kansas. She writes with gentle fiercenss, and an open heart as well as a mind fluent in deeper awareness and radical change.

I'm honored to be reading with these women at the Raven Bookstore at 7:30 p.m., Sat., July 19th. Who knows what we'll do and say, but I guarantee it'll be fresh and alive. There'll also be wine, cookies, and much visiting, spilling out onto the sidewalk where we delight in the wild edges of words even in the dogdays of summer.

Please come and hang out with us. Thanks to the amazing Ailecia Ruscin for the fun photos, and to Nancy to the more-than-fun flyers floating around town....and of course, thanks to the Raven. Long may our local bookstore perch and fly!

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KJ said...

Seeing your smiling, vibrant faces lit up my morning! Here's to powerful, creative, daring Kansas women.